Nautical Consulting Commercial Vessels. Our Nautical Consulting Service allows you to license your business or vessel commercially in the Virgin Islands can now be found at Nautical.Consulting Here is a list of the services we currently provide. For ease of understanding, it is broken down into the United States Virgin Islands and the British Virgin Islands.

United States Virgin Islands Commercial Marine Services

  • USVI Services- Blue Yellow SCV Code -Commercial Vessel Licensing Authority (CVLA)
  • New Commercial Passenger Vessel Authorization- USVI.
  • Renewal In Water
  • Renewal Out of Water
  • USVI LLC & Business License
  • Local Agent (Yearly)
  • Mailboxes- located at our Compass Point Marina office
  • Courier Service- Located at our Compass Point Marina office
  • Freight Forwarding Market Rates
  • Ship’s Station License USA FCC
  • USVI Boat Registration
  • National Parks Commercial Use Authorization
  • National Parks Commercial Use Authorization Renewal
  • MV Monohull Stability
  • SV Monohull Stop Assessment
  • SV Multihull Stop Assessment
  • MV Multihull Stop Assessment
  • COD (Certificate of Documentation)
  • COI Services
  • DPNR Registration
  • Vessel Transfer of Title ( Sales Consulting)
  • Vessel Deletion
  • Surveying & Salvage Services
  • Surveying
  • Salvage
  • Towing
  • Transport Deliveries
  • Shipping Services
  • Insurance Consultation
  • Oil Sample Test
  • Moisture Test
  • Metal Corrosion Test
  • Simplified Stability Test
  • Pre Charter Survey

Looking to set up your commercial boating or yachting business in The British Virgin Islands? We can walk you through every step!

Nautical Consulting Commercial Vessels British Virgin Islands

  • BVI Ship’s Station Initial & Renewals
  • Renewal
  • Blue Yellow Code BVI
  • Blue Yellow Code Yearly Renewal
  • Annual In-Water Inspection
  • Extension Letter
  • BVI Registry & Stability Certificates
  • Annual Out Water Inspection
  • US BVI endorsement Captain’s License
  • Tonnage Survey for the BVI
  • Tonnage Placards
  • BVI Vessel Registration
  • Equivalent for RYA/IYT in the BVI
  • BVI Boatmaster
  • The British Virgin Islands  LLC formation

Other Services Nautical Consulting Commercial Vessels

  • Marine Consignment through
  • Vessel Listing & Sales through
  • Vessel Storage Services
  • Hurricane Prep
  • Project Management
  • Power of Attorney
  • EPIRB and Life Raft Registration
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